Welcome to the International Conference on Research in High Magnetic Fields

July 1-4, 2015, Grenoble, France

The 11th International Conference "Research in High Magnetic Fields" RHMF 2015 will take place in Grenoble, France, July 1-4, 2015, as a satellite conference to the 20th International Conference on Magnetism ICM 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. It follows meetings held in Wuhan (2012), Dresden (2009), Sendai (2006), Toulouse (2003), Porto (2000), Sydney (1997), Nijmegen (1994), Amsterdam (1991), Leuven (1988) and Osaka (1982). The conference is devoted to all aspects of recent advances of research in high magnetic fields, and covers areas such as magnetism, semiconductor physics, superconductivity, studies of strongly correlated electron systems, low-dimensional materials, nano-objects, molecular systems, as well as high-magnetic-field technology and new high-field experimental techniques. The conference is hosted by Laboratoire National des Champs Magnétiques Intenses.

Chairman: Dr. Geert Rikken
Vice chairman: Prof. Françoise Hippert


CNRS - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

LNCMI - Laboratoire National des Champs Magnétiques Intenses

LNCMI is a CNRS laboratory associated with Université Joseph Fourier , INSA Toulouse and UPS ,
and is part of EMFL .

We acknowledge financial support of Université Joseph Fourier and Grenoble-INP .


RHMF 2015 Book of Abstracts
(7 MB, version 16/07/2015)

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Program (30/06/2015)
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March 22, 2015:
Extended Abstract submission deadline

April 15, 2015:
Abstract acceptance notification

May 7, 2015:
Extended Early-registration deadline

July 1-4, 2015:
Conference period

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CHAIRMAN: Dr. Geert Rikken
VICE-CHAIRMAN: Prof. Françoise Hippert

Prof. Eric Beaugnon
Dr. Jean Galibert
Dr. Mladen Horvatic
Prof. Jean Léotin
Prof. Carlo Rizzo
Dr. Ilya Sheikin
Dr. Claude Berthier (Grenoble)
Dr. Gregory S. Boebinger (Tallahassee)
Prof. Dr. Nigel E. Hussey (Nijmegen)
Prof. Koichi Kindo (Tokyo)
Prof. Guangli Kuang (Heifei)
Prof. Liang Li (Wuhan)
Dr. Charles H. Mielke (Los Alamos)
Prof. Hiroyuki Nojiri (Sendai)
Dr. Oliver Portugall (Toulouse)
Prof. Dr. Joachim Wosnitza (Dresden)
Prof. Dr. Adam Babiński (Warsaw)
Prof. Dr. Bertram Batlogg (Zürich)
Prof. Kamran Behnia (Paris)
Prof. James S. Brooks (Tallahassee)
Dr. Scott A. Crooker (Los Alamos)
Prof. Laurence Eaves (Nottingham)
Prof. Vladimir I. Gavrilenko (Nizhny Novgorod)
Prof. Dr. Manfred Helm (Dresden)
Dr. Thomas Herrmannsdörfer (Dresden)
Prof. Jinfeng Jia (Shanghai)
Prof. Kee Hoon Kim (Seoul)
Prof. Marcelo Knobel (Campinas)
Prof. Junichiro Kono (Houston)
Prof. Gérard Martinez (Grenoble)
Prof. Robin J. Nicholas (Oxford)
Prof. Jurij Novickij (Vilnius)
Prof. Hitoshi Ohta (Kobe)
Prof. Srinivasan Ramakrishnan (Mumbai)
Prof. Dr. Vladimír Sechovský (Prague)
Dr. Dmitry Smirnov (Tallahassee)
Dr. Raivo Stern (Tallinn)
Prof. Louis Taillefer (Sherbrooke)
Prof. Masashi Takigawa (Tokyo)
Prof. Jean-Louis Tholence (Grenoble)
Dr. Johan Vanacken (Leuven)
Prof. Kazuo Watanabe (Sendai)
Prof. Hai-Hu Wen (Nanjing)
Prof. Hui-Qiu Yuan (Hangzhou)
Prof. Dr. Uli Zeitler (Nijmegen)


March 22, 2015:
Extended Abstract submission deadline

April 15, 2015:
Abstract acceptance notification

May 7, 2015:
Extended Early-registration deadline

July 1-4, 2015:
Conference period
Dr. Benoit Fauqué (Paris)
Dr. Julien Fuchs (Paris)
Dr. Marc-Henri Julien (Grenoble)
Prof. Jun Sung Kim (Pohang)
Prof. Dr. Bella Lake (Berlin)
Prof. Liang Li (Wuhan)
Prof. Yasuhiro H. Matsuda (Tokyo)
Dr. Artem Mishchenko (Manchester)
Dr. Kimberly A. Modic (Austin)
Dr. Philip Moll (Zürich)
Dr. Satoshi Nishimoto (Dresden)
Dr. Cyril Proust (Toulouse)
Dr. Brad Ramshaw (Los Alamos)
Dr. Arneil P. Reyes (Tallahassee)
Prof. Mingliang Tian (Hefei)
Dr. Steffen Wiedmann (Nijmegen)
Dr. Vivien Zapf (Los Alamos)
Dr. Sergei Zherlitsyn (Dresden)

All invited speakers have confirmed participation.


March 22, 2015:
Extended Abstract submission deadline

April 15, 2015:
Abstract acceptance notification

May 7, 2015:
Extended Early-registration deadline

July 1-4, 2015:
Conference period
Access to the conference site


Grenoble is typically reached through the Lyon airport (LYS), by a regular airport shuttle (every hour, 65 min drive).
For a connection to the ICM 2015 conference, there are 4 direct flights from Lyon to Barcelona on Sunday.

Access to the conference site

The conference will be held at Maison MINATEC, a walking distance from Grenoble railway station and airport bus terminal, see the access map.


Preferential rates have been negotiated with several hotels situated at walking distance from the railway station, airport bus terminal and the Maison MINATEC conference site, see the new map.

There are three two-star hotels that are often used by LNCMI users and visitors:

Hôtel Suisse & Bordeaux **

6, place de la Gare, 38000 Grenoble
Tel. +33 (0)4 76 47 55 87
Reservation by e-mail: info@hotel-sb-grenoble.com mentioning RHMF2015, valid until June 1:
Single: 64 € per night (instead of 71 €), breakfast and all taxes included.
Double: 80 € per night (instead of 88 €), breakfast and all taxes included.

Hôtel Institut **

10 rue Louis Barbillon, 38000 GRENOBLE
Tel. +33 (0)4 76 46 36 44
Direct reservation on the web site: http://hotel.reservit.com/reservit/reserhotel.php?hotelid=3730&lang=EN, with the discount code "RHMF2015":
Single: 66 € per night (instead of 72 €), breakfast and all taxes included.

Hôtel des Alpes **

45, avenue Félix Vialet, 38000 Grenoble
Tel. +33 (0)4 76 87 00 71
Reservation by e-mail: hotel.desalpes@wanadoo.fr mentioning "RHMF2015":
Single: 72 € per night (instead of 76.5 €), breakfast and all taxes included.

For the following three-star hotel we could get a special rate only for a "Superior Room", please check also the special offers on their web site.

Hôtel Terminus Best Western ***

10, place de la Gare, 38000 Grenoble
Tel. +33 (0)4 76 87 24 33
Reservation by e-mail: terminush@aol.com mentioning "RHMF2015":
"Superior Room": 99 € per night (instead of 119 €) all taxes included, breakfast 11 €

There are also two four-star hotels very close to the conference site, but we could not negotiate any significantly reduced rate as compared to their standard offer:

Hôtel Europole ****

29, rue Pierre-Sémard, 38000 Grenoble
Tel. +33 (0)4 76 49 51 52

Novotel Grenoble Centre ****

7 place Robert Schuman, 38000 Grenoble
Tel. +33 (0)4 76 70 84 84

Do you need a visa?

For information about visa requirements, please check for the France Diplomatie web page.
If you require a letter of invitation, please email to RHMF2015.grenoble@lncmi.cnrs.fr


RHMF 2015 Registration is open.

Conference fees: until/after May 7, 2015

Regular participants:    400/500 €
Students:                      300/360 €
Accompanying person: 100/120 €

Only regular participants and students will have access to the conference plenary and poster sessions. Fees include also the welcome cocktail, conference documentation, coffee breaks and lunches during the conference and the banquet. Invited speakers are exempt from the conference fee, but they have to register.

Registration is a two steps process:

1) Please pre-register by filling in the online form.
2) Pre-registration acceptance will be confirmed by email and you will then be able to confirm your registration and proceed for payment (credit card -preferred- or bank transfer).

Please note:
The payment is definite and can be reimbursed only in exceptional cases: for health reasons justified by a medical certificate, or if your demand for visa to enter France is refused.
The accompanying persons register separately; they should preferably declare the same address, but Email must be different.
The CNRS employees should pay by the purchase order; they should not use their professional CNRS credit cards.
Unfortunately, we cannot accept American Express credit cards, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Should you need some help, please contact RHMF2015.grenoble@lncmi.cnrs.fr.
We thank you in advance for your early pre-registration.


March 22, 2015:
Extended Abstract submission deadline

April 15, 2015:
Abstract acceptance notification

May 7, 2015:
Extended Early-registration deadline

July 1-4, 2015:
Conference period


Abstract submission is extended until March 22, 2015.

Participants to the conference are requested to submit an abstract by Email to RHMF2015.abstract@lncmi.cnrs.fr, following the template and instructions given here. The abstracts accepted by the Program Committee will be published in the Book of Abstracts, which will remain available on the conference web-site. No more than one presentation per registered participant will be accepted.

Please note that, following the dominant opinion of the members of RHMF 2015 Committees, no proceedings will be published. The participants of the conference are strongly encouraged to publish their work presented at the conference as regular articles. The organizers will inquire into the possibility for a grouped publication of articles related to the RHMF 2015 conference in a suitable physics journal.


March 22, 2015:
Extended Abstract submission deadline

April 15, 2015 :
Abstract acceptance notification

May 7, 2015:
Extended Early-registration deadline

July 1-4, 2015:
Conference period

RHMF 2015 Conference Program

The pdf version of the last updated program here (dated June 30, 2015), and other useful information here.
The complete RHMF 2015 Book of Abstracts (7 MB, updated on July 16, 2015) can be downloaded here; the conference participants have received the printed version, dated June 22, 2015.

WEDNESDAY July 1, 2015

18:00-21:30: Welcome party and Registration

Oral presentations:
Invited talk: 30 minutes (including 8 minutes discussion)
Contributed talk: 20 minutes (including 5 minutes discussion

All posters will be displayed during the entire conference. Useful dimensions of the poster panels are: width = 0.9 m, height = 2.07 m, they are available for display from Wednesday July 1, 18:00 and posters should be removed by Saturday July 4, 18:00. We recommend standard A0 size (84.1 cm x 118.9 cm) posters in the portrait orientation. VELCRO-Brand Sticky Back Coins will be provided for mounting on the panels.

THURSDAY July 2, 2015

Magnetism 1

Vivien ZAPF: Record hard magnetism in an Iridate
Kimberly A. MODIC: High magnetic field properties of a three-dimensional honeycomb iridate
Sergei ZVYAGIN: Direct determination of exchange parameters in Cs2CuBr4 and Cs2CuCl4: high-field ESR studies
Hitoshi OHTA: Unconventional antiferromagnetic resonance modes observed in multiferroic substance YCrO3 by high-field ESR
Masayuki HAGIWARA: High field magnetization of oxygen molecules encapsulated in single-walled carbon nanotubes

Superconductors 1

Cyril PROUST: Impact of charge order on the electronic properties of underdoped cuprates
Brad. J. RAMSHAW: Quasiparticle mass enhancement approaching optimal doping in a high-Tc superconductor
Christophe MARCENAT: Thermomodynamic phase diagram under high magnetic fields in underdoped YBa2Cu3Oy single crystals
Antony CARRINGTON: Quantum oscillations in YBa2Cu4O8 under high pressure

Semiconductors and SCES 1

Benoît FAUQUE: Phase transitions induced by magnetic field in graphite
Artem MISHCHENKO: Chirality and valley selection in graphene-based transistors
Suruchi SINGH: Scanning Tunneling Microscope in High Magnetic Fields: Landau Levels on Graphite
John A. MYDOSH: High magnetic field tuning of some strongly correlated uranium-based compounds

Instrumentation 1

Liang LI: High performance pulsed high magnetic fields at Wuhan National High Magnetic Field Center
Yasuo NARUMI: Separation of multiple magnetic sites by 40 T pulsed magnetic field XMCD
Steffen KRÄMER: Nuclear magnetic resonance relaxivities: Investigations of ultrahigh-spin lanthanide clusters up to 1.4 GHz and 32.9 T
Zhao-Sheng WANG: Shape magnetostriction measurements on LaCoO3 in pulsed magnetic fields up to 70T

FRIDAY July 3, 2015

Semiconductors 2

Steffen WIEDMANN: HgTe as a Topological Insulator
Mingliang TIAN: Angular dependent magnetoresistance of bismuth nanoribbons: Evidence of topological two-dimensional metallic surface states
Dmitry SMIRNOV: Magneto-spectroscopy of excitons in monolayer transition-metal dichalcogenides
Atsuhiko MIYATA: Direct measurements of the exciton binding energy and effective masses for charge carriers in organic-inorganic perovskites
Thomas SZKOPEK: Two-Dimensional Magnetotransport in a Black Phosphorus Naked Quantum Well

Magnetism 2

Arneil P. REYES: Exotic Magnetism in Quasi One-dimensional Frustrated Magnets
Satoshi NISHIMOTO: Ground state and magnetization process of the spin-1/2 and spin-1 antiferromagnetic Heisenberg model on the kagome lattice
Mihael S. GRBIĆ: Magnetic field induced level anticrossing in the "pinwheel" kagome compound Rb2Cu3SnF12
Hidekazu TANAKA: Quantum crystallization of magnons in almost perfectly frustrated dimer magnets Ba2MSi2O6Cl2 (M=Co and Ni)

Superconductors 2

Marc-Henri JULIEN: Charge ordering in cuprates, with and without magnetic fields
Amalia I. COLDEA: Emergence of the nematic electronic state in FeSe
Jing Fei YU: Magnetization of underdoped YBCO above the irreversibility line

SATURDAY July 4, 2015

Instrumentation and Others 2

Bella LAKE: A new high magnetic field facility for neutron scattering providing fields up to 26 T at the Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin
Julien FUCHS: Strong magnetization of laser-produced plasmas as a new tool for investigating for astrophysics and fusion physics
Richard J. A. HILL: Studies of spinning, charged and vibrating droplets using diamagnetic levitation
Anna ORLOVA: State of the art and developments of NMR in pulsed magnetic fields at the LNCMI
Toomas RÕÕM: Magnetic field induced directional dichroism of THz light

Magnetism 3

Sergei ZHERLITSYN: Spin-lattice effects in high magnetic fields
Yasuhiro H. MATSUDA: Novel phases induced by ultrahigh magnetic fields: The cases of SrCu2(BO3)2 and solid oxygen
Marcelo JAIME: Magnetic states of (frustrated) matter explored in SrCu2(BO3)2 to 100 tesla
Raivo STERN: Bose-Einstein Condensation of Magnons in Han Purple BaCuSi2O6 - an NMR, x-ray & neutron scattering, and DFT study

Superconductors and SCES 3

Philip J.W. MOLL: Focused Ion Beam microstructured crystals in high magnetic fields
Tuson PARK: Unconventional superconductivity and tunable AFM QCPs
Vesna F. MITROVIĆ: Evidence of Andreev bound states as a hallmark of the FFLO phase in an organic superconductor

Semiconductors 3

Jun Sung KIM: Highly Anisotropic Dirac Fermions in SrMnBi2 and their valley-polarized interlayer conduction
Faina ESSER: Mass of GaAsN in Pulsed Magnetic Fields up to 60 T with Free-Electron Laser IR Radiation


March 22, 2015:
Extended Abstract submission deadline

April 15, 2015:
Abstract acceptance notification

May 7, 2015:
Extended Early-registration deadline

July 1-4, 2015:
Conference period